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Awake Dumbarton!

On Saturday 12th January the ‘Awake Dumbarton’ launch concert was held in the Denny Civic Theatre organised by the Baptist minister Rev. Grant Hamilton. 

Other 'Awake Dumbarton' activities are:

a weekly prayer meeting at Costa Coffee in the town centre at 7.15am on Friday mornings. The psalms will be used as a basis for prayer focused on the needs of our town. All are welcome. Arrival at 7am is advised so that staff have time to serve everyone coffee before the meeting starts.


a fast every Monday at 12.00 lunchtime, using this time to pray either on your own or with others.


prayer walks around the town. This is already happening in Bellsmyre and Castlehill. Volunteers welcome.


More information can be found on the ‘Awake Dumbarton’ Facebook site.







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